VDI 2048

The Technical Standard VDI 2048 – solving the problem of erroneous input

The Technical Standard VDI 2048 –

solving the problem of erroneous input

As the first and only company world-wide without limitation, BTB Jansky and its state of the art data reonciliation system PROCESSPLUS® Core 6.0 receive the currently effective VDI 2048 (2017) Certification

After the withdrawal of the previously valid guideline VDI 2048 (published in 2000), a new guideline, the VDI 2048 guideline version 09/2017, was introduced, incorporating several adjustments and additions to the previous edition, particularly with regards to the definition of certification criteria.

In 2018, VDI has tightened its general rules for certification processes. For new certifications, an independent reviewer is now incorporated into the certification process. In case of the VD 2048 Icertification, the applicant is first required to supply a detailed description of the software and the corresponding algorithm together with the documented results of the VDI 2048 Part 2 example calculation.

This information is checked in detail by the committee chairman, who writes an inspection report. The signed inspection report is then sent to an independent reviewer. Only after successful completion of this third party review, the new VDI 2048 (2017) certification is granted to the data reconciliation system supplier and the associated software.

After their initial certification on August 30, 2018, BTB Jansky hereby proudly announces the second re-certification of their software system PROCESSPLUS® Core Version 6.0 according to the currently effective VDI 2048 (2017) data reconciliation standard. The second re-certification was officially received on September 21, 2022. BTB Jansky thereby remains the first company to date worldwide to receive this second re-certification.

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