The $3.6 bn business case

The $3.6 bn business case

The certified PROCESSPLUS® online reconciliation technology has been applied in over 45 nuclear power plants world-wide,

... generating resilient process data, supporting day-to-day operations and realizing several million dollars in additional revenue and savings each year.

“One of the main business cases for the use of reconciled data is the prevention of lost megawatts due to erroneous feed water flow measurements” Dr. Langenstein says. “On average, nuclear power plants world-wide lose 4 MWe due to nozzle fouling, orifice plate edge degradation or conservative ultrasonic flow measurements”.

“The business case of lost megawatts in nuclear power plants alone accumulates to EUR 3.20bn (US$ 3.61bn) on a 10 year scale, just by using certified data reconciliation with PROCESSPLUS®”, Dr. Langenstein postulates.

PROCESSPLUS® continuously creates quality-assured process images of the entire process, instantly indicating deviations of measurements and component performance” states Dr. Langenstein, “making the technology indispensable for safe and efficient nuclear power operation”.

“To combine data reconciliation with Digital Twinning technologies is exciting” he says. “We deliver the highest quality data possible, it would be a missed opportunity to use anything less in advanced analytics”.

On a research and academic level, PROCESSPLUS® and BTB Jansky are involved in the Advanced Nuclear Research Center (ANRC) of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and in coding projects at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

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