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Vibration Measurement
Ever greater demands
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The relevant maintenance procedures can be planned and carried out in good time. Unexpected loss of production can be avoided through condition-based maintenance using vibration measurements. Maintenance costs are reduced to the absolute minimum. For vibration measurements we can provide our customers with tailor-made packages.

  1. Complete vibration studies of machines and systems
  2. Implementation of ON-LINE or OFF-LINE diagnostic systems for monitoring machines
  3. Assistance when selecting suitable measuring systems and components to be monitored
  4. Training on vibration measurement and on how to use diagnostic systems

Assesment of vibration levels in frequency analyses of vibration data; in this case, vibration acceleration Arms in m/s2
Monitoring of vibration data; in this case vibration acceleration Arms in m/s2
Example: High amplitudes in the outer ring damage frequencies together with occurring multiples, especially in the frequency analysis of vibration acceleration, is characteristic for a damage of the outer ring.