ProcessPLUS® Online System
ProcessPLUS® provides
unique visualisation and
extensive analysis possibilities
of plant processes

  1. Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) for allocation of measuring points in the model
  2. List of all measuring points from the process control computer
  3. Heat balance sheets at approx. 100 % load
  4. Pump characteristics
  5. Plant characteristics (generator load over condenser pressure)
  6. Operating data or one-hour averages at 100 % load over 4 weeks

The extent of the required process data and documentation is limited due to the basic approach followed by the reconciliation methodology. This way e.g. information on the characteristics of individual components is not required. In the past BTB Jansky has successfully implemented several online versions of their data reconciliation system ProcessPLUS® both in nuclear and fossil power plants. The installation of additional measuring points is not required.

  1. ProcessPLUS® client (based on MS Visio)
  2. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) overview
  3. Suspected tag list
  4. Calibration list
  5. Operation mode
  6. Characteristics
  7. Component monitoring
  8. Process image
  9. TreeView (Suspected/Filtered Tags)
  10. Sensitivity analysis
  11. History
  12. Heat balance sheet
  13. ProcessPLUS®Server
  14. ProcessPLUS®Graph
  15. Modelling of plant in ProcessPLUS®
  16. Installing application/software in existing IT environment, connection to process control computer (OSI PI/XU/etc.)
  17. Fine-tuning of models
  18. Model documentation
  19. Training of 5 employees respectively á 2 days