Lukas Meyer
Nuclear Power Plant Gösgen
(ALPIQ, Switzerland)
"We have been using ProcessPLUS® at the nuclear power plant Gösgen for more than 10 years to fine-tune relevant parameters for thermal reactor power, such as feedwater mass flow and feedwater temperatures, and for monitoring of all releveant process areas. Based on this we can increase the safety and profitability of our plant. Especially very small process changes in the range of 0.2 % - which otherwise go unnoticed - we can detect with ProcessPLUS® and remedy the cause within a reasonable short time."
"CEZ introduced ProcessPLUS® at their coal-fired power plant EPC unit B3 in 2009 and in units B2, B4, B5 and B6 in 2012. As a result, the efficiency rate of the coal units was increased sustainably. This saves us fuel costs, reduces CO2 emissions and reduces the workload of our staff in the maintenance and economic department as well as in the control room. During the implementation and the entire project period, BTB Jansky has supported us optimally."
Pavel Tyrpekl
Coal-fired power plant
(CEZ, Czech Republic)
"Since 2002, we have been using ProcessPLUS® at the nuclear power plant Philippsburg in various organizational levels. In particular, ProcessPLUS is used for the online monitoring of power plant processes by control room staff, where a total of 50 staff members were trained by BTB Jansky. The system is used for precise assessments of retrofit activities and for monitoring of important control values such as the average coolant temperature (tav). An optimization potential in the area of the water separators / preheaters was detected by ProcessPLUS®, which resulted in a power increase of 3 MWe after realization."
Michael Kitzelmann
Nuclear Power Plant Philippsburg
(EnBW, Germany)
One factor in the decision to install ProcessPLUS® at the nuclear power plant Borssele was that a state of the art monitoring system contributed to our ambition to be among the best 25 % of Western nuclear power plants. It facilitates the understanding of plant behavior and indicates optimal operation modes. We can definitely recommend the co-operation with BTB Jansky in this field.
Piet Huibregtse
Nuclear Power Plant Borssele
(EPZ, the Netherlands)
"KKL is one of the pioneer plants for the use of data reconciliation according to VDI 2048. We have been using ProcessPLUS® and VALI for over 20 years. During this time, the system has helped us to correct feedwater flow and temperature measurements and to assess and accept various retrofit activities in a quality assured manner. In addition, it supported us to identify process changes and measurements in need for maintenance. I can recommend the company BTB Jansky in this context anytime."
Daniel Schupp
Nuclear Power Plant Leibstadt
(KKL, Switzerland)
"We at Forsmark use ProcessPLUS® to continuously monitor the plant processes, especially the feed water where ProcessPLUS® is used to verify the flow through the venturi pipes. BTB Jansky has become a trusted and valued partner for process analyses and support."
Magnus Adolfsson
Nuclear Power Plant Forsmark
(Vattenfall, Sweden)
"Data reconciliation according to VDI 2048 has - compared to traditional methods such as trend analysis, simulation, delta p/p - the highest diagnostic relevance."
Electric Power Research
Institute (EPRI)
"State of the art is the use of process data reconciliation according to the guideline VDI 2048. This method uses all available (redundant) information of the entire heat cycle and is independent of the accuracy of a single measurement. Using this method, the reactor thermal power can be defined with a high degree of accuracy (better than 0.2% standard deviation (0.4% is the 2σ value))."
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series
No. NP-T-3.9: Power Uprate in
Nuclear Power Plants:
Guidelines and Experience
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